Stop Child Labour

Horrible things are happening to the world’s youth. They are being treated like slaves by some factories and their own parents. How would you feel working 12 hours 7 days a week, not seeing your family at all and not having any time to play? Well that is what these children are facing every day of the week. To them, going to school would be like heaven and so would having a family to care for them. So I encourage people to Stop Child Labour! 

 Here is a show I created on PhotoPeach about Child Labour.

‘Stop Child Labour’ on PhotoPeach

Student Blog Challenge 6 – Global Issues

2 thoughts on “Stop Child Labour

  1. Hi Sean,
    An interesting post on a terribly unfair issue. It was great that you had a go at making a PhotoPeach – it is a great tool. You found some good statistics to provide evidence about the problem.
    Like we discussed, you need to attribute the images you used as well as the statistics and information.
    Mrs N

  2. I agree the things that some people make children do is horrible I wish I could put a stop to it because looking through their eyes is the worst thing in the world.

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