Christmas Is Almost Upon Us!

Christmas is only a couple of days away. Better finish the Christmas shopping and prepare the tree. There are different ways we can spend our time on Christmas day but some people spend it alone with no one to comfort them and no special Christmas presents.

Is that how you would like to spend your Christmas? Well to help them you can donate to charities. Or if you know of any one like that, you could drop by and maybe give them a present and light up their Christmas. I think that would really make their day much nicer.

Christmas is Coming

It’s almost Christmas! But still a while to go.  There are some reasons why I like Christmas, but why do you? My reasons are seeing my family and getting presents.



How I made my great picture:

First I went to this is sand and created the tree,

Then I went on creative commons (a copyright free page) and got the star,

After that I went to paint and put the star on it and I was finished.

Challenge reflection

Is two weeks early enough for registration to begin before the first challenge? No I don’t think that 2 weeks is early enough to register before the first challenge.

Did you subscribe by RSS or email in order to get the posts as soon as they were published? No I did not subscribe to the challenge because I don’t have much quota left and I need all the quota I can get.

How useful are these pages in the header of the blogging challenge? Very useful.

Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog? Yes I had to visit the challenge each week to see the challenge but my teacher emailed me with a checklist sheet.

Which challenges were the most useful? I found challenge 1 most useful because it was showed me different web 2 tools that I could use to create an avatar.

Which challenges were the most interesting? I found the 6th challenge most interesting.

What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges? There is none

Are more tutorial type challenges needed?  No

Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful? Not really

Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wall wisher etc interesting or could you not embedding due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding? Yes they were interesting

Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes? Yes there were

Classes that registered – were there enough activities specific to classes? Yes there were enough but I would have liked some more

Did you make global connections? Not any global connections

My Toy Boat

For our Inquiry topic this term we got to choose what we did. The choices were Food, House Design, Toy Making, Computer Animation and Fashion Design. The topic I chose was Toy Making.  For Toy Making I decided to make a boat.


 First, I needed to get all the pieces and bring them to school. 

Secondly, I made each of the 6 walls out of seven paddle pop sticks.  

Thirdly, I stuck 2 of the walls to 2 of the crescent shaped pieces of wood.

Then I used the the last 4 walls to make the front and back.

Finally, I made a pole and stuck the sail on it.

This is what I ended up with!! 



Do you know how to save someones life? Well the 5/6 students at Clairvaux do. This year instead of swimming we had someone come in to train us on C.P.R.

We first got to watch a video of Mr. Bean trying to resuscitate a man who had just had a heart attack or something. Then we went off and had to really do C.P.R on some dummies. It was not that easy and still it had to be done before we could leave. I personally did not enjoy doing C.P.R. on the dummies but preferred to watch others doing it.

Stop Child Labour

Horrible things are happening to the world’s youth. They are being treated like slaves by some factories and their own parents. How would you feel working 12 hours 7 days a week, not seeing your family at all and not having any time to play? Well that is what these children are facing every day of the week. To them, going to school would be like heaven and so would having a family to care for them. So I encourage people to Stop Child Labour! 

 Here is a show I created on PhotoPeach about Child Labour.

‘Stop Child Labour’ on PhotoPeach

Student Blog Challenge 6 – Global Issues